THE CONSTANT FIRE by Allan Knight Chalmers


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This book which appears to be a compilation of related sermon material is a passionate defense of the Christian faith by one of New York's most outspoken pacifist clerics. Of this pacifist stand he makes no secret in these chapters. This inevitably curtails the sale of the book. Dr. Chalmers is the pastor of the Broadway Tabernacle (Congregational). His message is fired with his deep concern for great causes, social and racial injustice, the evils of complacency and the sharp necessity for the Christian to ""stand single and utter unpleasant truths"". He studies the impact of the personality of Jesus on social and community problems, and the essential meaning of Christianity for the complex personal problems forced upon the individual in his own life and on those seeking for a sound basis of an attitude consistent with Christianity.

Publisher: Scribner