HIGH WIND AT NOON by Allan Knight Chalmers


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The author of this book is closing a long pastorate at the Broadway Tabernacle, New York, and entering the theological faculty of Boston University. Dr. Chalmer's ministry has been characterized by a great concern for the social issues of the day. He is a pacifist, and a vigorous advocate of a more Christian solution to the social and economic problems of the day. On problems of race, labor, international relations, civil rights, housing and similar issues Dr. Chalmers has been forthright in speech, vigorous in action. All of these interests are reflected in this volume, as is his understanding of the pastoral function of the church. But Dr. Chalmers' interest in theology is also apparent in this volume. In fact, its main purpose is to substantiate the liberal position in theology which he calls perfectionism, and to refute the position of neo-orthodoxy which emphasizes man's helplessness and his dependence upon a miraculous intervention in his life by God. Some Protestants will disagree with Dr. Chalmers on social issues, others on theological questions, but his presentation is ably made, and to many will be entirely convincing.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1948
ISBN: 116448785X
Publisher: Scribner