ENGLAND TODAY by Allan Nevins
Kirkus Star


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England is fortunate indeed in having this brilliant historian and biographer as one of her interpretors. Six months travelling through England, visiting various sections, seeing England under fire and in backwaters and semblance of peace, he had a chance to talk with all types, educators, students, labor leaders and workers, politicians, old and young, artists and artisans, men and women. He was given insight into the social changes that have taken place, and into the lives of people everywhere. He sees through the difficulties and the grumbling, the failures of politicians and the discomforts of daily living to the prevailing spirit accepting all sacrifice ""for the defence of freedom, democracy and civilization itself"". He feels that if England goes down, all culture and civilization will perish and we become a perpetually warring people. Appeared in the New York un. Should have wide general appeal.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1941
Publisher: Scribner