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THE CHICKEN AND THE EGG by Allan  Plenderleith


by Allan Plenderleith developed by Plendy Entertainment illustrated by Allan Plenderleith

Age Range: 3 - 8

Pub Date: April 30th, 2012
Publisher: Plendy Entertainment

A cluck-worthy story about a chicken with magical maternal instincts succeeds with flashes of visual wit and a lovable main character.

Flo is a sad chicken who can't lay eggs like all the others on her farm. Her sad, heartfelt "Awww" when she looks at her empty nest tells readers all they need to know about her hopes and dreams. Amusingly, Flo tries an exercise machine, getting shot out of a cannon and, of course, a book called "How to Lay an Egg" to fulfill her dreams. When a stone tumbles down a hill and lands in her nest, she takes it for an egg. Poor Flo. But when Flo's life is threatened by a wicked-looking rodent, the stone, surprisingly, hatches to save the day. While the chickens in the story are adorably drawn, and some of the tale is played for laughs, Flo's longing and the love she shows when her wish is finally granted are poignantly played. Backgrounds and objects in the app are skillfully rendered, and the app's unobtrusive soundtrack and lilting narration (voiced by a British child) are delightful. While features are minimal, Flo's pure joy ("Egg! Egg! My very own egg!") and a happy, well-deserved ending amply compensate.

Flo and her unusual offspring easily capture readers’ hearts in this story of faith and love. Not bad for a chicken who can't lay eggs. (iPad storybook app. 3-8)