THE HILLS LOOK DOWN by Allan Updegraff


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Classified as a novel, but as such it seems unincisive, almost too pleasantly wordy. It might reach a wider market if sold as a record of how one man found himself again in a small Catskill village. An artist who had sacrificed his art on the altar of commerce, made big money and spent it, and then lost both money and wife. He escapes, battered emotionally, morally and financially, to a primitive cabin. Two local characters form his main companions, -- a hard-bitten, astringent Ma Ousterhout who feeds him -- and scolds; and a girl. Now and again he lets himself be drawn fleetingly into the life of the bohemian art colony in the village, but at the close recognizes that it is in the woods he has found the right way of life. Easy reading.

Pub Date: March 11th, 1941
Publisher: Wilfred Funk