OUR TIME: An Anthology of Interviews from the East Village Other by Allen -- Ed. Katzman

OUR TIME: An Anthology of Interviews from the East Village Other

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A round-up of interviews and raps with New Culture freaks and turned on gurus from Messiah Timothy Leary (""Turn on. Tune in. Drop out."") to Messiah Alan Watts with Dylan, Frank Zappa, Abbie and Jerry, Andy Warhol, et al. all servicing the heads of the Alternate Nation deep in the heart of Amerika (sometimes spelled Amerikkka). Selections on dope, sex, and violence designed to send plastic Mommy and Daddy to the head doctor or even the local pig precinct. A self-styled ""mad bomber"" who blew up the CIA office in Ann Arbor, several police precincts, and an Army recruiting station gives ""how to"" instructions; a superpusher surveys international supply routes, costs per kilo, the expanding market (six to eight thousand kilograms of marijuana per week in New York City); film makers and cartoonists evaluate the potentials of celluloid and comic strip PORN and the cinematography of ""doing it."" Of more import, perhaps, Attorney Mark Lane who tantalizes with a conspiracy theory for the assassinations of JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, charging that the CIA runs an ""Executive Disposal Program."" There is a great deal of sloganeering between interviewer and interviewee disguised as right-on dialogue and the impulse TO SHOCK is recharged every few pages from EVO's six year-old batteries. As you might expect, there is a considerable disagreement as to the best access routes to Nirvana and Satori; something vast and ineffable called ""The Revolution"" is either here or coming (even though Allen Ginsberg did vote for Humphrey in the last election) because it's on the consciousness agenda and EVO's psychedelic guerrilla campaigns are presumably hastening the day. Only rarely did we get any good karma turning the pages.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1971
Publisher: Dial