A TALE OF TWO CATS by Allen & Ivy Dodd


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What you need is a cat,"" a wise neighbor counseled, when the ex-New Yorker Dodds discovered that their dilapidated Maine colonial was overrun with mice, and soon the two, who used to merely tolerate Cat People, were hooked. Cassius arrived on a cold winter night, cautious but demanding, a veteran of unknown wars; after he was cleaned and fattened up, he went to work, depositing his nightly trophies for morning inspection. The retired Dodds were happily restoring their new home and involuntarily turning into that formerly inferior species, Cat People, so they were an easy mark when a newborn kitten needed a home. Tobermory arrived, fluffballing his way into their hearts and serving as cadet to the experienced chief. As the Dodds see it, cats are even better than the idealized calendar image, as fussy as Morris and utterly irresistible. Nothing new but nicely told.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1978
Publisher: McGraw-Hill