STAR GOD by Allen L. Wold


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Something for the theological sf audience. A vast neutrino cloud has descended upon our galaxy and is giving all the residents of our varied worlds a tremendous Vision that comes and goes. Deists think the cloud is God, Psychoists think it's pervasive of psychoses, and Beingists lean more toward the Jungian expression of the collective unconscious. In any event, it's bringing divisiveness and economic breakdown. So agent Satinas is sent out to consult with other cultures and ascertain who the Visitor is. First he visits the Yakatskoi, who remake him into a demigod with a life expanded 8,000 times; but they admit they don't know who the Visitor is, and suggest that Satinas visit the Lorhae. The Lorhae aren't much help either, though they make Satinas telepathic and suggest he visit the extremely snobbish Dirga on Alpha Phoenix five. Now a telepathic demigod, Satinas descends onto this invisible planet as it takes shape in his mind, and they send him off to see the Visitor Himself--who turns out to be a traveler from another dimension, a benign force that absorbs Satinas totally. Heavy.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1980
Publisher: St. Martin's