THE ASSAULT by Allen R. Matthews


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A personal, unprettified account of battle action, this -- with much that is sharp, much that is raw, narrates the marine assault of Iwo Jima, and the twelve days of blood and sand which followed. Here are the emotions of battle, from the days which led up to the invasion when they felt tough and indestructible, to the landing, and each man's idea of his own invulnerability, to the casualties which followed and the instinct of fear, disguised by a calm carelessness. Here too is the actuality of foxhole fighting, the days' actions, the nights' watches, to the twelfth day and the taking of the ridge where the author was wounded...There's no glory here, much that is more human than heroic. Bill Mauldin has supplied a foreword, which may persuade some of the reluctant public to read again of one segment of the war in specific form.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1947
Publisher: Simon & Schuster