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It is important to define this title as referrring to those men and women within Germany who conspired against Hitler -- who came near achieving their goal on the day when the bomb exploded a few feet away from him -- but who failed. The record shows no real defenses against totalitarianism, no constitutional safeguards. It shows how organized labor was fooled into submission; how intellectuals closed their eyes; how the army swallowed the bait; how the churches had no effectual power; how political parties evaporated. The German people accepted dictatorship; reeducation and denazification aren't going to change a national character. The vast majority of those who fought Hitler ""underground"" have perished. Allen Dulles headed the O.S.S. in Switzerland and worked closely-with the conspirators, whose work, in isolated instances, goes back to pre-Munich days, when neither the United States nor England believed them. The main groups through which efforts were made, plans laid, were the Kreisan Circle, which furnished the ideological background for conspiracy- working towards a form of Christian Socialism; Abwehr -- before it became a part of the Gestapo; isolated army officers, naval officers, labor leaders, intellectuals, churchmen played important parts, but failed to cohere in any constructive organization. The odds were terrific- the danger incessant. Dulles has the facts; many of them are new. The book is important for the record, but lacks that spark that might make it imperative reading.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1947
Publisher: Macmillan