ALLIE SHERMAN'S BOOK OF FOOTBALL by Allie; J.F. Dreyspool -- Edited by Sherman


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By this time anyone interested in professional football knows how an almost unknown player and coach took over the New York Giants football team and in one season converted it into a championship team. How he did it is told in such a clear, positive and constructive fashion that any player or coach- high school, college or professional-can learn some of the secret techniques and methods that go to improve players, plays and teams. To one who has captained an Ivy League team and coached for many years, Allie Sherman has brought out details of training and playing that make the game of football today more scientific, more interesting, more understandable. Whether in offense or defense, passing or tackling, kicking or running, Allie Sherman has explained all phases of football concisely and simply. This should be a must not only for players and coaches but for fans who want to know more about the game they love to watch.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday