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A fine, story about a Negro boy with a mission who quite indirectly accomplishes what he to do. Leroy, the boy, leaves his Grandma, Mamie, and her dog, in lovely and innocent a southern world as was ever written about. He goes off to sell Bibles, makes a little money playing musical bowls, and then sends for Mamie and Bryce to share his apartment in New York. The apartment house is full of kooks:- an elderly at banker son wants her to retire gracefully to Connecticut; a young teacher writer whose wife a deep-freeze; an alcoholic who fills her husband's with Mamie and the cat lady rescue an injured eagle, and try to teach to fly Leroy's missing father turns up to tell tall tales and spread confusion. The young writer writes rejected stories about them. Leroy tries to establish a mission, which falls, and there are tragedies to follow- a child's accidental death and a fire. But although feels he has failed and moves on, the scattered neighborhood joins in of mutual and benefit. A little of this is arch, but it often conveys a lovely, free, sense of life, and there are some great lines, and who wander in and out, nattering in real, various and splendid special.

Pub Date: May 14th, 1962
Publisher: Doubleday