TOWARD MORNING by Alta Halverson Seymour


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Janos Nagy and his young friends fought hopefully during the initial stages of the Hungarian revolution. Little did the Russians dream that the methods of warfare taught these students would someday boomerang. Although five days of peace resulted, it proved only a ruse which gave the Russians time to redouble their equipment. Thus the last stage was fought with desperation. This is the story of one staunch group whose leader was sought by the enemy, but whose friends and sister used every means at their disposal to hide him until he was safely across the border. Traveling from train to truck to hay wagon with the enemy one step behind, they finally managed safe entry into Austria and arranged passage to America. Their heroic story will interest American teenagers who met it realistically through the headlines of their newspapers only a few years ago.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1961
Publisher: Follett