JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS: Plantation Story-Teller by Alvin F. Harlow
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JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS: Plantation Story-Teller

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Here is a good blend of biography and story telling in this life of the creator of ""Uncle Remus"". I loved the first half of the book, in which Mr. Harlow traces Joel Harris' boyhood, his apprenticeship to the editor of a struggling Southern newspaper, life on a plantation, and the piling up of the impressions and contacts and stories that bore fruit in his classic tales of the plantation Negro story-tellers. The picture of the War between the States, as experienced on the fringe of the march to the sea -- and the failure of the newspaper. The last half of the book is of necessity less pictorial, less dramatic, as his career, his growing success and fame, his marriage and family are traced. Modest to a fault, Harris is known best through his own writings, and this biography quotes generously from them.

Publisher: Messner