MICE: All About Them by Alvin & Virginia B. Silverstein Silverstein

MICE: All About Them

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A general once-over, in series with the authors' volumes on gerbils, hamsters, and other rodents, of an animal already treated in their Rats and Mice (1968). The Silversteins range here from a rundown on specific kinds of mice and their relatives (kangaroo rats, dormice), to examples of the unpredictable consequences when ""man"" upsets the balance of nature, to a bland roundup of mice in folk-tales, fables, and nursery rhymes. A very general chapter on mice in laboratory research emphasizes the value of such experiments but doesn't mention any of their controversial aspects. The volume is a little slack and non-specific overall, though here again the chapter on mice as pets is characterized by personal advice and first-person examples not found in the usual pet guide.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1981
Publisher: Lippincott