RUNAWAY SUGAR: All About Diabetes by Alvin & Virginia B. Silverstein Silverstein

RUNAWAY SUGAR: All About Diabetes

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Addressing a younger audience than the readers of last year's The Sugar Disease: Diabetes, with more emphasis on the concerns of patients and their friends and families, and less information on diabetes as a subject of scientific inquiry, the Silversteins do an admirable job of explaining the mechanisms involved in the body's sugar control system and the different ways they might go wrong in diabetes. The symptoms, tests, control, and possible crises of diabetes are also explained simply, in easy sentences, but not superficially; a basic understanding of how and why these tests and treatments work is conveyed along with the how-to-tell and what-to-do guidelines. A good example of how a thorough grounding on the authors' part can result in light and clarity at the easiest level.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1982
Publisher: Lippincott