WORLD OF THE BRAIN by Alvin & Virginia Silverstein Silverstein


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Conveying their awe for the functioning of the brain, the Silversteins balance a terminology-filled volume with concepts that are easy to grasp (e.g., the brain looks like the meat of a walnut in grapefruit size). They lucidly differentiate the old brain (inherited from fish and reptile ancestors and determining drives) from the new brain (part of our mammalian heritage; it directs acts of higher order). The complex orchestration needed for simple acts, such as eating an orange or singing a song, is analyzed. Emphasis is on today's headline issues: drugs, psychosomatic medicine, right brain vs. left brain, conscious control through biofeedback of what was previously considered autonomic, differences between males and females, ""talking chimps,"" and moral questions posed by new research and machines. Should BEAM scans be used to identify schizophrenics and juvenile deliquents? Once identification is made, what procedures should be followed? Readers will especially like the exercises they can do, such as one determining cross-dominance. Index.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1986
Page count: 197pp
Publisher: Morrow