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by Alyssa Maxwell

Pub Date: March 25th, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-7582-9082-3
Publisher: Kensington

To save her brother, a gutsy reporter tracks a killer hidden among Newport's rich and famous.

Brady Gale is trouble on a stick. So far, his jail time has been confined to overnight stays, under the benevolent eye of Officer Jesse Whyte, as he's slept off whatever hooch he favored. This time, though, it looks as if his sojourn in the slammer may be a little longer—say, for the rest of his life. Brady is accused of bashing Alvin Goddard, his uncle's secretary, over the head with a candelabra and pitching him off the second-story balcony of The Breakers, the Vanderbilts' palatial Newport, R.I., home. And just because Cornelius Vanderbilt is Brady's uncle is no reason for authorities to cut the youth any slack. So his half sister, Emmaline Cross, comes to his rescue. Independent Emma is used to taking the reins, in some cases quite literally. She drives her own trap, much to the consternation of her Vanderbilt kin. Poor relation Emma even earns a steady if meager income reporting on social events for the Newport Observer. So it's natural for her to come to Brady's aid, asking pointed questions of her aunt Alice, her cousin Niely, her old schoolmate Adelaide Halstock, family friend Jack Parsons and anyone else who might have seen something significant during the ball on the night of Goddard's demise. She even agrees to team up with fellow reporter Derrick Anderson, a handsome fellow who makes Emma's heart beat faster. And a strong heart is just what Emma will need to exonerate her brother and foil whoever's dogging her heels in an effort to thwart her.

Emma Cross' debut will delight fans of the mystery-as-romance formula; others may want to steer clear.