LOVE ME LITTLE by Amanda Vail


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Fifteen year old Emily (and her friend Amy) are spurred by Sue Fosburgh's reported Experience and determine that if she has done it they too can and will. Emily's account of their advances on their yearning for sin is sprinkled with Rilke, with parent's lack of advancement, with humiliating rebuffs and some last minute wisdom. From a jealous spring at school, to a plotting interim in New York, they map their campaign for the summer at Blount Island, line up the boys available, put their names in a raffle -- and set out to conquer. The odds -- with the embryonic males turning out to be idealistic, undirected, willing but scared --are against them and, comparing notes, they decide against climbing in bed, to settle for being convinced rather than ravished. The pangs and cold blooded passions of enfant terrible, have here a glint of sly and deadly insight, a wicked and funny reportage, and distracting innocence under a would-be worldliness. Sex -- very wide-eyed.

Pub Date: May 6th, 1957
Publisher: McGraw-Hill