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From the Meridian series, volume 2

by Amber Kizer

Age Range: 12 - 16

Pub Date: July 12th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-385-73971-9
Publisher: Delacorte

Adolescence is hard enough without having to save the world from death and destruction.

This sequel to Meridian (2009) opens three weeks after 16-year-old Meridian, a part-human/part-angel Fenestra, or “window” that helps dying souls pass on, and her protector/boyfriend Tens saved a Colorado town from Nocti (evil spirits in human form that try to send souls to hell). They’re traveling the country, looking for fellow Fenestras, when Meridian feels drawn to Carmel, Ind. Fifteen-year-old Juliet, an unknowing Fenestra, has been living in this sleepy town at a center that doubles as an group home for the elderly and a foster-care home. The teens’ alternating viewpoints tell this hefty story, which, like many second novels in a series, builds on the first but ultimately leads up to a third. Meridian provides back story, uses her great-aunt’s journal to discover more about Fenestras and schemes to find Juliet and save her before she’s forced by Nocti to become one of their own. All the while she ponders her free will, her developing body and why Tens keeps putting off their first time having sex. Meanwhile, Juliet gives (over and over again) a look at her abusive situation—she’s constantly punished and must care nonstop for the residents—and her burgeoning Fenestra talents.

Some of the day-to-day events may be hard to believe, but this is a book about angels and demons after all; fans will forgive. (Paranormal romance. 12-16)