TO CATCH A SPY by Amelia Elizabeth Walden
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The author of How Bright the Dawn (1962, p. 243, J-97) and other well received teenage romances, has written an intricately plotted spy thriller in which excitement is maintained until the final discovery-- a surprise to the reader and to Sally Templeton, the eighteen year old counterspy. Sally Templeton, a CIA worker, arrives at the Buxton estate to become, in disguise, Erika Buxton; Erika has been a suspected spy who was killed in a plane crash in Africa. Erika's novelist-stepfather has consented to work with the CIA in an effort to discover what Erika's involvement was. Sally passes several severe tests, including having to face and be with two of Erika's childhood companions, Adam and Verne. Romance on off hours, and inexplicable events on the job form an above average suspense story, which although removed from reality in its basic situation, is realistically timed and worked out in context of the far-fetched circumstances.

Pub Date: May 11th, 1964
Publisher: Westminster