A NAME FOR HIMSELF by Amelia Elizabeth Walden


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This is something of a repeat on My Dreams Ride High (1963) which uses the timeless-timeworn (makes no difference) theme of what happens when poor boy Vito Bennette falls in love with poor little rich girl, Morgan Drake. Until then Vito's been out of sorts in the world in which he has so little and wants a lot; and Morgan, in spite of her lavender convertible, comes from a broken home and a string of private schools which wouldn't keep her. All would have been all right if Vito hadn't been innocently involved in his friend Skip's infractions and if Morgan's father hadn't tried to keep them apart, send her away....Miss Walden doesn't underplay her hand or understate the case, but it reads and will be read with impressionable identification.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1967
Publisher: Lippincott