ALL MY LOVE by Amelia Elizabeth Walden


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At a college (which is Vassar in everything but name) young Gretchen Miller of Connecticut sweats out the trials and tribulations- love, studies, making the swimming club, love and love- of freshman year. From an athletic family, and a bright, self-reliant girl, Gretchen cools to the stiff breezes of formal academics and the girls whom, at first, she finds impersonal. But what she feels more is the outspoken love of big brawny Gary, diving star at nearby Brownell. Swept off her feet, Gretchen is roughly jounced- when Gary takes to another girl, then re-declares his love, and again when she overhears him tell a friend that he only wants Gretchen as somebody to have at hand. However believable, the romance is unconvincingly told. Only periodical mention is made of intelligent Gretchen's studies and though she rediscovers true values with another boy, there is no explanation for Gary's rottenness. Light reading.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1954
Publisher: Morrow