FLIGHT INTO MORNING by Amelia Elizabeth Walden


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A marriage which is affected by a dominating father, a brother and sister who are fighting his control, and a family industry, is the main thread of this novel. All these threats to Bill Deming's second marriage to Western-raised, wealthy Maggie are almost minor compared to the determination of his first wife, Paige, to remain on the Deming estate in Connecticut and to oust Maggie at whatever cost. Lisa and Kirk are all for Maggie; his father succumbs when Maggie becomes pregnant but her miscarriage turns him against her. Bill is bedeviled also by the threat of competition to his closely guarded R905, a convertiplane whose helicopter blades can be fixed for straight flying, and the necessity to find the leak within the factory, to test all of which and prove the new model, parallel his troubles over Maggie's love and loyalty and Paige's intimidating demands. Kirk's successful testing of the new ship and the final link in the search for the traitor give Bill his chance to free himself and Maggie from his father and to establish his marriage securely. Slick, up-dated, this will give women plenty of plot and problems for vicarious living.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1957
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts