SPY ON DANGER ISLAND by Amelia Elizabeth Walden


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There's not much depth anywhere in Amelia Elizabeth Walden's latest entertainment except for the fact that some of its sequences take place underwater, off the Virgin Islands, when Wendy Wilson, an actress, who had been teethed on a scuba mask, is sent there on her first intelligence assignment as a ""marine archaeologist."" Todd Dixon really doesn't want her on this job and is fairly truculent about it; but then there's Phil Hunter, celebrity, playboy, auto racer, homme fatal, who seems to be working within the same unit. Twice Wendy is almost killed, and at the end, when she and Phil both go down in an attempt to bring up a buoy full of nuclear energy, she manages to save his life, even though she loses him from hers. The story does move in a technicoloromantic fashion.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1965
Publisher: Westminster