HOW BRIGHT THE DAWN by Amelia Elizabeth Walden


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A sequel to Where Is My Heart this continues the story of Carol Turner who has decided half-heartedly to teach English in junior high school. This first year is a hectic one for Carol. There is the problem of adjusting her forthright personality to the formalities of academic life, of choosing romantically between Bob Davis, a responsible fellow-teacher and Chips Heffner, a wildly charming test pilot. Determined to finish the job she started, Carol resists an impulse to run off with Chips -- and when Chips is later killed, it is to Bob that she turns for comfort, finding that their love has been strengthened not shattered by conflicts. Professional rewards are in store too -- for Carol eventually reaches the slow students in her class and in so doing appreciates the real meaning of her work. Characteristic of Walden novels, this is absorbing and provocative for the distaff side through high school.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1962
Publisher: Westminster