IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE LIGHT by Amelia Posse razdova


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Frequently, since 19, my memory has gone back to Sardinian Sideshow and the books that followed it, and I've wondered what had happened to the author, when her adopted Czechoslovakia was surrendered. This is not the answer -- other than indirectly, but it is further chance to know her more intimately, to share her childhood, recaptured during these months of comparative security in her childhood home, Sweden. Not even Selma has given me a deeper sense of life in Sweden a generation age, a life protected by position and money, but a life vitalized by music and literature and art and contacts with not only important people in her parents' adult world -- King Gustav, Selma Lag and others, but child contacts with the simple people of the village and the household, comings and goings across a peaceful sea, a round of festivities. A rich pattern of life, sacred with a sensitive and imaginative child.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1942
Publisher: Dutton