WHEN LOVE SPEAKS by Amelia Walden
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Miss Walden has skillfully combined her knowledge of theatre with the bubbling atmosphere of the American Shakespeare Festival at Stratford in a unique story -- unpredictable in outcome. The Academy at Stratford, compound of an ambitious group of students and teachers, works hand in hand with the professional company. Thus talented amateurs like Miranda Welch, daughter of the famous Shakespeare scholar, and Denise Powell, daughter of poverty and indifference, compete for understudy roles in the professional production of Twelfth Night and Major roles in the amateur production of Romeo and Juliet. Miranda is intellectually in with the Bard, but requires the strong direction of Jack to develop her emotional power. Denise, serious and aloof, has the true potential of a great star. In her relentless drive to realize this, she engages Miranda to teach her the of verse, then double-crosses her unsuspecting tutor by usurping a vital role. Shocked, and tempted to give up altogether, Miranda accepts the guidance of her director and a fellow actor, and when given the opportunity to wreak vengeance, she decides in favor of a good production. Miss Walden's insights into the temperaments of creative people and the art of developing a role and into the works of Shakespeare as well, are added to an engranting potpourri of summer theatre at its best.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1961
Publisher: McGraw-Hill-Whittlesey