SO NEAR THE HEART by Amelia Walden


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Miranda's invitation to join the Stratford, Connecticut, Shakespeare players after college graduation meant separation from Webb, the boy she hoped to marry, but it was an irresistible professional opportunity. Beginning with a newcomer's natural stage-fright, Miranda's troubles rapidly multiply: she incurs the jealous hostility of another actress; the romantic attentions of her director and the company's leading actor become a mixed blessing; she wins the lead role but cannot analyze the character; Webb's letters grow increasingly indifferent; and on opening night she learns of her mother's crucial illness. The story covers all her experiences on and off stage during rehearsal weeks, and ends after opening night with her final decision about the men in her life. An appreciation of Shakespearian drama is central to the plot; liberal quotations are used to good effect and real suspense is created in Miranda's struggle to interpret the play and her part. Should be sure fire for stagestruck girls.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1962
Publisher: McGraw-Hill