MARYLAND by American Guide Series


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The fact that this is an addition to a series deservedly well-established will give it entree. And it is hard to put a finger on why this seems less satisfactory than the others -- but such is the case. One puts it down, if one knows Maryland, with a feeling that though the bald facts are there (history, architectural features, general information on agriculture, industry, religion, education et al, with the main cities given their due, and the tours adequately charted) -- one still has missed the special charm of such places as Annapolis, the town, not the Academy, of the Eastern Shore, of Baltimore itself. It seems a bit cut and dried -- and Maryland isn't. From the point of view of format, it is as good as they come -- a nice jacket (although not a particularly characteristic one), and fine photographs.

Pub Date: Aug. 8th, 1940
Publisher: Oxford