THE BLACK CONSUL by Anateill Vlnogradoff


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In spite of the title, roughly three quarters of the book is devoted to an impressionistic account of the French Revolution at home, based upon the supposition that the reader knows his background history. The remaining quarter gives the account of the happenings in Hayti which resulted in the loss of the island to France. The book is a curious mixture of bald statement, trivial detail and flowery description, much of it beside the point and frequently chaotic. On the other hand, there is considerable interest in the presentation, from the Soviet point of view, of the dramatic course of the Revolution and the tragic history of Hayti. This book , alone of all we are familiar with on the subject of the negro uprising in Hayti, presents the negro side of the picture so sympathetically, so convincingly, that the sympathies lie with toussaint, Christophe, Dessalines and their lieutenants.

Pub Date: Jan. 25th, 1934
Publisher: Viking