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The true account of a navy doctor's stay on the island of Fasserai in the atoll of Uthi, this has its fictional rendition in A.D. Divine's King of Fassarai which this publisher is issuing also on this date. (See page 679) And although one may question whether one book will sap the interest of the other, in actuality they are a very complementary couple and interest in one may well heighten interest in the other. Here without the humor and some ingenious improvisation, but with a straightforward charm all its own is the story of how Lt. Wees was sent to Fasserai to cure the natives of their yaws, and of how he stayed on to inaugurate some fairly drastic sanitation, swings and orange juice for the children, English lessons and movies, and the building of a new church. There is again the attraction of this deeply religious (Catholic), modest, self-disciplined and dignified people, of their gratitude which reached its heighth when Wees was offered the kingship but agreed only to be co-king with their King Ueg, and of the very happy collaboration between this American and his natives.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1950
Publisher: Macmillan