DARE TO GO A-HUNTING by Andr‚ Norton


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Sequel to the frail, frothy Flight in Yiktor (1986), another foolish and unconvincing fantasy/science-fiction hybrid. Young winged sprite Farree has been mind-blocked from remembering the whereabouts of his race's home planet. Then his companions--the Moon Singer Maelen; interplanetary free-trader Krip Vorlund; and the reptilian-alien Zacanthan, Zoror--come across some beautiful skins whose source clearly are wings like Farree's. Who would do such a dastardly deed? Well, slaver and bad-guy middleman Xexepan would--and from him the companions learn of the remote world where the skins were obtained. But when Farree's expedition finally reaches the planet, they must face various formidable antagonists before discovering the truth of a complicated situation: Farree's folk, descendants of Earthly Little People, have been enslaved by interstellar pirates despite elaborate mental planetary defenses. Elves and sprites with spaceships and laser beams. Yech.

Pub Date: Jan. 12th, 1989
Publisher: Tor--dist. by St. Martin's