IMPERIAL LADY: Fantasy of Han China by Andr‚ & Susan Shwartz Norton

IMPERIAL LADY: Fantasy of Han China

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Fantasy that owes more to invention than to any real grounding in matters Chinese. Silver Snow, the daughter of a disgraced general, lives a peaceful and secluded life--until she is summoned to the Imperial City to become concubine to the Emperor. But Silver Snow lacks courtly manners and political savvy; the Emperor thinks her ill-favored and casts her aside. Then, as the Emperor seals a peace treaty with the Mongols, he decides to insult the aged Mongol Chief by giving him Silver Snow. (Too late, the Emperor realizes his mistake.) Fortunately, Silver Snow's husband-to-be is too old and feeble to molest her; instead, she falls in love with his young handsome son, Vughturoi. But the Mongol's other son, Tadigan, has grand ambitions, and he's supported by his mother, Strong Tongue, the tribe's evil shaman. So Silver Snow and Vughturoi, aided by Silver Snow's loyal, shape-shifting servant, Willow, must defeat both the witch and the warrior. Medium tedium. Adequate for Norton/Shwartz fans, of little interest to newcomers.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1989
Publisher: Tor--dist. by St. Martin's