A MAN ESCAPED by Andre Devigny


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Sentenced to death for working with the British Intelligence Service, Andre Devigny, a French army officer, was imprisoned in the supposedly escape-proof fortress of Montluc in Lyons. Considering it his duty as a Frenchman and a soldier to attempt to escape, Devigny sets his marvelous ingenuity to work and within short order discovered how to dismantle his cell door. Four months go by and Devigny escapes by means of a homemade rope. Barely missing capture he has the good fortune to find members of the Resistance who enable him to cross into Switzerland. Although not in the same class as such classics of escape literature as The Wooden Horse and The Coldlitz Story, this short book provides a good measure of suspense and excitement for the adventure fan.

Pub Date: Aug. 26th, 1958
Publisher: Norton