ZISENHOWER: The Liberator by Andre Maurcie

ZISENHOWER: The Liberator

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Maurcis seems an odd choice as biographer for Eisenhower until we realize that this is simply an English edition of a book published also in French- and we hope the French edition is designed for French children. It is a brief biography, routine material, undistinguished in style and content (Maurcis does not quite get the right approach for juvenile biography -- as witness his Franklin)- and he tends to make the general a ponderously noble character rather than the genial human being he is. Brief handling of boyhood and early military career; somewhat greater detail on later military operations in Africa, Italy and France; compact handling of invasion strategy its best aspect. Large clear type makes it look younger than it is.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1945
Publisher: Didier