ALEXANDER DUMAS by Andre Maurois
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In this new series, this is a gay, debonair book about a fabulously gay and debonair figure- immortalized by his Three Musketeers. To this short account, Maurois has brought not only his skillful style and sense of story telling, but the good taste not to treat his subject as a serious study. There are anecdotes, droll stories, and of course the cheerful chronicle of the unbelievable luck which befell the prolific writer of literally hundreds of tragedies, comedies and novels which brought him a fame- in his day- equal to that of Victor Hugo. If later critics have lessened this judgment, there are still few readers who did not at one time or another respond to the excitement of Monte Cristo and d'Artagnan- whose originator is brought back here with verve and flourish.

Publisher: Knopf