IN SEARCH OF MAN by Andre Missenard


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.... ""man in the ensemble""- the physical, chemical and psychic man who is so much and so variably the result of both his heredity and environment. Missenard was both the collaborator and the friend of Alexis Carrel and this book is to a great extent a corollary to Carrel's Man the of twenty years ago. While no means unmindful or depreciatory of the spiritual and philosophical aspects which are as much a part of man as the scientific, Missenard has assembled only the known and provable evidence, and his study is concerned with genetics, nutrition, environment and education as it affects the human race. Much of this material, based as it is on established theories and findings (from Mendel on down) will be familiar to some students- but a composite study such as this has real value for the scientist and sociologist. In translation from the French. Limited.

Publisher: Hawthorn