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ON WINGS OF MAGIC by Andre Norton


Vol. III of Witch World: The Turning

by Andre Norton & Patricia Mathews & Sasha Miller

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1994
ISBN: 0-312-85026-3
Publisher: Tor

Third in the series (Flight of Vengeance, 1992, etc.) of Witch World yarns set in the aftermath of a world-shaking battle, The Turning. Again, Norton's role seems to be limited to, first, having invented the Witch World in the first place and, second, framing the two long stories here with notes from Druatan the Chronicler. Mathews's contribution, "We the Women," details the struggles of the Falconer women to survive and adapt to new social conditions; Miller offers "Falcon Magic"--a tale of six young witch-girls kidnapped by Hounds of Alizon, their efforts to escape, and the attempt of one girl's parents to rescue her. Miller's is marginally the more intriguing; both are fairly standard Witch World outings aimed at gratifying existing fans.