THE MOTORCYCLE by Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues


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This book-form projectile, hurtling between sensuous reveries and actualities, has had a respectful review from the London Times. Both are hard to take seriously. Perhaps because of the novel's overt (viz obvious) imagery and the grave tone of erotic exaltation. In any case, when Rebecca is first seen, married to dull Raymond, she leaps out of bed naked to ""sheathe"" herself, also naked except for her flesh pink panties, in her one piece black leather suit. Then she ""straddles"" her Harley-Davidson saying ""How far will you take me, black bull?"" Black bull, border-hopping between France and Germany, takes her to various assignations with her lover who had ravished her before her marriage. He has an abrupt, authoritative masculinity and he arranges her (there are some interesting geometrical or gymnastic configurations) and disarranges her in the restroom of the Bain des Roses, in the white room of a motel, in a red room.....All of it vibrates with volupte and if it sometimes seems like seductio ad absurdum, it sustains its mood and montage effects with remarkable singlemindedness.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1965
ISBN: 0837190614
Publisher: Grove