THE LAW OF THE SOVIET STATE by Andrei Y. Vyshinsky


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The American Council of Learned Societies is responsible, in large measure, for the presentation of this translation of the militant handbook of the Soviet government officials. It is vital to the understanding of the Soviet habit of thought- it is a guide through the central and local levels of administrations, an explanation of the Constitution (Vyshinsky is chairman of the present commission to amend it). Here is the doctrine by which the Soviet official lives and thinks. It is virtually the statement of the creed, the outline of a government, and the basis of the average citizen's conviction that he is part of the world's greatest system. He advances, examines and rejects other ideas, so that he clears the woods of conflicting ideologies. In this way, The Law of the Soviet State is much more than a law-school textbook. It should be must reading for diplomats and all people who are committed to working with the Russians in matters economic, social, military, political. John Hazard's excellent introduction places its value as an essential book for the informed citizen.

Pub Date: Dec. 14th, 1948
Publisher: Macmillan