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From the Rory Branagan: Detective series, volume 1

by Andrew Clover ; illustrated by Ralph Lazar

Age Range: 6 - 11

Pub Date: Jan. 28th, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-5247-9364-7
Publisher: Penguin Workshop

You might not guess, but Rory Branagan is a detective.

Rory’s dad disappeared seven years ago, and no one will tell Rory why—in fact no one tells him anything. Rory lives with his annoying brother, Seamus, and their mom and Auntie Jo (who is actually just a lodger, not their real aunt); his best friend is Wilkins Welkin, the neighbor’s sausage dog. When Cassidy Corrigan (or is it Callaghan?) moves in next door, she suggests Rory become a detective and find out the things no one tells him—and she volunteers to be his sidekick. When “Guinea Pig” Gilligan (father to odd neighbor Connor Gilligan) keels over in the street after eating takeout, Rory and Cassidy are on the case. The detective duo checks out the aptly named Deadly Pirate restaurant, where Auntie Jo works. At first, Rory is laughed at, but the mystery deepens…bad guys, poison octopuses, deception, betrayal…and Mom? Can they sort the case and get Seamus to admit Rory really is a detective? British actor, comic, and writer Clover’s foolishly fun detective series ably jumps the pond (there are five of a projected seven out in the U.K.), and fans of 13-Story Treehouse and the like will probably jump for joy. Lazar’s scribbly line drawings decorate most pages and often amusingly depict Rory’s imaginings. Characters present white.

Such fun! And, happily, more to come! (Mystery. 6-11)