NOBLE FELLOW"" William Starling Sullivant by Andrew D. III Rodgers

NOBLE FELLOW"" William Starling Sullivant

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Sullivant will go down to posterity for the contribution he made to the science of Botany, specifically cryology, which has to do with mosses. He was co-worker with Asa Gray, with Hooker, with Agassiz; he worked at a distance with Darwin. Beyond this legitimate basis for distinction, there seems to be no very valid reason for this somewhat prosy biography. Sullivant was probably the first white child born within the present compass of the city of Columbus, then known as Franklinton. He had every opportunity that family and money could give at the time. He was a successful business man. But there is little of the early history of the opening Ohio; little of the frontier spirit and background. A book for limited and somewhat local sale.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1940
Publisher: Putnam