THE SEA CHASE by Andrew Geer


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A man's story, of men against- and whipping- the sea, only to lose to a better ideal and morale. This tells of the elusive trip of a freighter from Australia to friendly, Nazi waters which draws on her Kapitan Erlich for all his hardwon knowledge of the tropics, the Arctic, and the vision of a victorious Germany. Complementing the dangers at sea, the pursuit by the British, are the dangers among his own officers and crew as inner dissension is heightened by the presence of Elsa, a Nazi spy. Condoning murder, driving and encouraging his weakening men, the Kapitan makes Chile, the North Seas, to meet his nemesis, an English officer whom he has scorned, and the Kapitan accepts death rather than the dishonor he fears. A grim, realistically melodramatic, good yarn.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1948
Publisher: Harper