BEDFORD FORREST And His Critter Company by Andrew Lytle

BEDFORD FORREST And His Critter Company

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This is the second re-issued biography of General Nathan Bedford Forest, Confederate hero, scourge of Sherman and Grant, to appear within a few months: That Devil Forrest, first published a few years after Forrest's death in 1877 and republished by Harper in August, 1959, and this present volume, an enlarged and revised edition of a book by a Southern historian and novelist, which first appeared in 1931. Wilderness born and bred, an uneducated military genius famed for his temper, Forrest, a violent Southern sympathizer, organized his company of horse-soldiers, ""his critter- company""- as the author of this book calls them, when the War broke out, and with them brought terror to Northern troops and hope to his own cause even when hope was lost. Underestimated by Jefferson Davis and hated by General Bragg, he fought the War in his own way, surrendering only with the final collapse of the Confederacy. As organizer and head of the Ku Klux Klan he was for a time ""the last ruler of the South"". Well-documented but adorned with occasional fictional flourishes, this hero-worshipping book will appeal to the acceptant Civil War buffs and to Southern sympathizers. Sterner historians on both sides may prefer the sparser prose of That Devil Forrest or the more balanced viewpoint of books such as Catton's Grant Moves South or Walker's Vicksburg.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1960
ISBN: 1879941090
Publisher: McDowell, Obclensky