ST. VALENTINE'S NIGHT by Andrew M. Greeley
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Kindly, worldly Father Andrew spins another tale of responsible love and middle-aged sex among midwesterners--this time reuniting a successful telejournalist with the gift he rescued from a fire when he was but a slip of a paperboy. The setting is Chicago's semi-posh Beverly Hills, which antedates California's and which is the favored address of Irish Catholics, who for one reason or another need to live within the boundaries of the city. Back when he was a little nipper named Cornelius O'Conner, news-hero Neal Conner used to wonder if he, the son of a cop, could ever really fit in with his parochial-school classmates, the children of wealthy mob mouthpieces and politicians. Instead of staying around to find out, Conner went off to exotic Evanston and Northwestern University rather than Notre Dame and became a news grandee. Years later, a chance encounter at O'Hare Airport leads to a reunion with his grade-school playmates--and with the great love of his life, the former Megan Keefe, now the Widow Lane. Megan lovelessly married Neal's old chum Al Lane, a commodities broker who recently and perhaps purposely ran his car into a tree, leaving four children, two million dollars in insurance, and $500,000 in cash that no one can find but which some very unpleasant people want back very much. Neal must choose detached journalism or community entanglements. Entanglements include the unawakened drives of the beautiful widow. Fr. Greeley's specialty is robust, respectfully kinkless sex bathed in a rosy glow of soon-to-be-blessed romantic love. Oh, and Chicago scenery. He's got them both down pat.

Pub Date: Sept. 11th, 1989
Publisher: Warner