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SEA STORM by Andrew Mayne


by Andrew Mayne

Pub Date: March 29th, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-5420-3223-0
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

What lies beneath the mystery of the torpedoed pleasure boat off the coast of Fort Lauderdale?

Sloan McPherson and her Underwater Investigation Unit are called to rescue people aboard the cruise ship The Sea of Dreams after it inexplicably explodes. Sloan and partner Scott Hughes search for crew and passengers on the sinking ship, aided by Ava Crozier, on loan from the Fort Lauderdale PD Marine Unit. Moving at breakneck speed, and aided by lifeboats, they take crew and passengers to safety. The FBI is reluctant to panic the public but confirms that this was an attack, not a malfunction, a conclusion underscored when one of Sloan’s divers finds a piece of a drone. Special Agent Olmo muddies the investigative waters with a list of all the international miscreants who could be responsible. The Coast Guard and the CIA also have an interest in the crime, but dogged Sloan outdistances them with her legwork and analysis, leading to jurisdictional challenges from state law enforcement officials, who desperately accuse Sloan and Hughes of corruption. When Sloan eventually identifies the sneering, high-powered villain behind the attack, prosecution is jeopardized by his association with one of the above-mentioned groups. Mayne begins his third UIU thriller, told in short, brisk chapters, on a high-tension note, depicting the initial disaster moment by tense moment, and never lets up on the suspense. Spurts of brisk dialogue nicely break up the action scenes, full of authentic detail.

Strong pacing, lean prose, and maritime knowledge converge in this crackerjack thriller.