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Purportedly from the tape recorder of a 5 years and one month old boy, this follows his daily doings, the affairs of his parents, the course of his friendship with Barney, and the involvements with neighbors and sometimes the police. ""Me and Barney had fun today"" is not always the case and when Kit moves nearby Burrhead has his first taste of jealousy; he also is hard to persuade that he wants a baby brother (an older one is his aim); he kills a bird by accident; with a musical saw he and Barney cut down three small trees, an act praised by the new tenants,- psychologicsts; there are bicycles, a walk naked in the dawn, stealing from the Good Humor man, a fight with garbage and with electric trains, (""the doctor who stitches me sometimes"" is a pretty busy man hereabouts), registering for kindergarten and Barney's moving away. This child's eye view keeps track of little things, the illogic and incomprehensibility of the adult world and the vital doings and feelings of his own (and Barney's) in a suburban area and makes a persuasive panorama of a summer. Prickly linecuts by Giola Fiammenghi. Where Did You Go?....suggests a comparable market.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1960
Publisher: Doubleday