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by Angela Bachman

Pub Date: July 16th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1463487645
Publisher: AuthorHouse

A debut love story of two people recovering from their own tragedies.

Beautiful, seductive 29-year-old Marlo Hart has had her share of disappointments. Four years ago, she lost her parents in a tragic car accident; since then, she’s had a string of failed relationships because she can’t get over their deaths. Lonely and broken, Marlo ignores the protests of her older sister Clare and best friend Mandi and leaves her Minnesota hometown for Alaska—a place that’s not only notable for its beauty, but also for being her parents’ favorite, and final, vacation spot. It was there that they met their tragic end, and Marlo feels an urge deep within herself to look for peace close to where her parents died. Although she insists to anyone who will listen that she plans to avoid romantic entanglements, the first person she meets in Alaska is Duncan James, a fisherman who tends bar at night. Duncan’s sexy charm and unusual politeness chip away at Marlo’s defenses until she finds herself suddenly willing to give Duncan, and residency in Alaska, a fair try. But she soon discovers that it will take work before she can trust anyone again and that Duncan has his own dark stories; in the end, they’ll need to help each other heal. Set against the backdrop of snowy, breathtaking Alaska, Marlo’s story is more than just a romantic romp; it’s laden with emotional insight and heartbreaking wisdom about how people carry and suffer loss. It’s a story about Marlo’s love for Duncan but also a tale about coming to terms with tragedy and being willing to move forward. She’s a strong, admirable heroine, and her rocky start with Duncan as they strive to confront their inner demons will likely keep readers in suspense.

An uplifting romance about a woman finding a second chance.