RED MASQUERADE: Undercover for the F R I by Angela Calomiris

RED MASQUERADE: Undercover for the F R I

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The ""Calomiris woman"", then Financial Secretary of the West Midtown Branch of the Communist Party in New York City, actually for seven years an agent for the F.B.I. who took the stand as Government witness in the case against the eleven Communist leaders in April, 1949, tells her story. A native of New York City, Angela Calomiris was asked by the F.B.I. in 1942 to become an agent, reporting as fully as possible on the activities of the Party from the inside. Combining a generally successful career as a photographer with work for the Communist Party into which she was admitted, Miss Calomiris garnered names and potent information in her little secret basket over a period of seven years, as she worked her way up in the Party organization-attending Marxist classes, distributing literature, holding meetings, giving parties, and conducting drives. The ""inside"" on Party organization and aims is of considerable interest, although it is unfortunate that the author seems at times girlishly unstable in her glee at watching the heads fall, and her addiction to sweeping condemnations in regard to the reform program of the Party -- reforms in race relations, labor and housing desired by non-Communist Americans. Another for the lucrative bandwagon.

Publisher: Lippincott